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Author Topic: is anyone alive??  (Read 5979 times)

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Re: is anyone alive??
« Reply #15 on: June 24, 2017, 05:18:37 AM »
ZAPY!!!!!  ;D

Well the update from me is I'm studying Occupational Therapy in uni right now!!! Thinking about it, we've all come a longgg way since then, when I first joined this server I was still a kid in primary school (that was almost 6-7 years ago!!!).

It's been some time since we all parted ways, a lot of things can happen since then. Most of us probably have different interests now, working full time jobs, or studying a degree. but despite all that, we were all connected through Minecraft and Ceiling Cat. Ceiling cat gave me a place where I could express myself to friends I never had irl at that time(I moved schools just before I joined), the hours I spent with you guys (especially shadow) everyday having mindless conversations about nothing and digging away at rocks just to find a couple of diamonds. It was the first time I've ever joined such a great and small community, which gave me the courage, even till this day, to join other communities. I couldn't thank you all enough for being such awesome peeps, especially Sniper for starting all this :') (hope you're reading this!!!)

Just felt like writing an appreciation post soz hahaha

and linking these two videos https://youtu.be/pxhitIF9W5c https://youtu.be/ZFfm5_naIyE for the memories :')

Also my 18th birthday passed like three weeks ago! woo! woo!

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Re: is anyone alive??
« Reply #16 on: September 23, 2017, 06:38:33 PM »
Hey everyone :)

That's a very touching post, Rookie. Glad to hear you're fine! Thanks a lot for sharing this.

I am doing good. I am about to quit my job, already have a new one though. Changing a bit my field, I am on my way to become a security specialist. Sounds super fancy, but at the moment it's a bit boring ;)

Anyways, apart from that I almost got stuck with my longterm relationship (marriage and stuff) but luckily I didn't. I broke up earlier this year and started from scratch, I moved into a new flat and am super happy with my decision. Now I'm able to focus more on my social life, hobbies etc. Recently I started to go climbing with friends, I love it.  8)

Oh, and I met Zapy in real life twice. That was amazing! She came to visit me in Hamburg a few years ago, some of you know I guess.

Is anyone still playing minecraft? I did a bit recently, but I get bored easily. It's hard to find anything like Ceiling Cat, I really miss it. Do you guys play any other games? I'd love to get back in touch ;D


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